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[Note: Due to popular demand an additional title is being added. It has been stated that people actually refer to this poem as "The Desert". Therefore, for people who may be confused by the title Heat the "a.k.a. The Desert" is being utilized.]

Heat a.k.a. The Desert

It is today 100 degrees in the shade
One hundred degrees in the sands
One hundred degrees in the water

Typical rounds of cyclical sounds travel in space renowned for dry ground
Desert winds in the rock between whistles of howling snarling cats between
The rocks of the mean desert thatís in my mind during times of death and destruction
This heat that from in this California Arizona Mexiconia isle

This snake sliding cactus hiding scorpion inside winding through endless steps in dry sands
Hands cut with the death of heat repeat cuts after cuts repeat
Blisters at feet neither soles nor weak they move in endless repetitions

Thighs cry in the pain that resides at each rub between strides
Stomach stench in throats clenched jaws
Veins send signals of hunger to brain this pain that life stains in this brain
Heat waves enter dry nostrils that strip this brains water from it

The rocks coyote tells the mountain lions tale that safety waits here
Cracking bones between grunts
Sun blotched weather stained leather strains against the winds
This heat that from in this California Arizona Mexiconia isle

Kevin S. Cameron

August 18, 2009 1:02:36 PM